I feel free to concoct book structures that display content beyond words and images. 

I digest what I find around me.  I experiment, divert, re-build and surprise.  My concern is to keep the book alive as a mechanical object of extraordinary diversity.

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Others say:

“Anna Cairoli brings a witty approach to the content, infusing each book project with a personal perception resulting in an unconventional and original touch.”

“You were my most inventive intern and open to craziest projects!”

“Anna can understand me and contribute to my projects. They are created with a valuable addition to quality and originality. Very instructive exchange.”

Bio (will follow)


  1. I’m a binder and a bookbinder:  I draw connections by binding

 content to container – content to reader – reader to designer – mental to sensorial – inside to outside.

  1. Core values: Curiosity – Innovation – Detail – Originality – Accuracy – Challenge – Connection – Commitment